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«The cannabis/hemp industry is growing and the world needs more knowledgeable business experts.»


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«Hemp is a multi-purpose crop delivering seeds, fibres and bio-active chemicals for a number of uses and markets»


«We are an international  family of perfect hemp/cannabis connoisseurs.»

«Be part of this evolution and grow financially in this innovative, emerging  industry.»


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Hemp includes all varieties of the Cannabis genus that contain negligible amounts of THC, the chemical that makes marijuana psychoactive and provides you with an euphoric feeling. The Cannabis family has several different breeds, yet it is most infamously known for marijuana (“weed”). This is the main reason why people confuse the term hemp with marijuana. Hemp actually refers to the industrial, non-drug variant that is cultivated for its fiber, hurd, and seeds.


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Learn with us all about the plant: crop, varieties, cost, yields, production, etc.

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In an industry with many opportunities, let us advise you with the best methodologies to achieve success.



Meet with us, and understand the legal and commercial aspects of industrial hemp/medical cannabis



Hemp fabric is better quality and more sustainable than cotton. Learn about the different types of hemp apparel

Hemp Seeds are one of the most nutritious plant-based supplements available on the market

Hemp Seed Oil offers amazing nutritional and skin care benefits. Learn more about how it could help you

Hemp Protein is the best vegan protein you’ll find. It packs 15g of protein per serving and is very absorbent.

Hemp paper is more eco-friendly and durable than tree paper. Learn more about its superior properties

Hemp body products are made from natural hemp oil, so they pack amazing nutrition to improve your skin.


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History of Hemp | Difference Between MMJ and Hemp | Varieties of Hemp | Uses, Costs, and Yields 


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Don’t have the time to participate in a one-day training course? We have live remote training courses


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