Upcoming Seminars

Our objective is to provide our students with the most comprehensive information available on the subject of the hemp, and medicinal cannabis industry.

The Hemp & Cannabis Institute seminars offer an outstanding curriculum designed for people working in the industry. As well, the seminars are the quintessential precursor to those  wanting to start their own business in the hemp/medicinal cannabis industry. Also for every patient in need of information about medical cannabis and a hope for life.


Hemp Training

  • History of Hemp

  • Difference Between Cannabis and Hemp

  • Varieties of Hemp

  • Uses, Costs, and Yields

  • Hemp Regulations

Cannabis Training

  • History of Cannabis

  • Cultivation

  • Oil Extraction

  • Manufacturing 

  • Business

The Seminars

  • 3 - 6 hours 

  • Meeting with experts 

  • Different cities

  • Potential clients/partners 

  • Facilities in the industry